Ascendo Tuum

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Ascendo Tuum at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Novo
Senior Officer(s) Barboza, Brasiliano, Kusonaiki, Robberbaron, Trel
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Quixotic Tangent
Dormant or disbanded as of 12 June, 2006

The monarch crew of Quixotic Tangent, Ascendo Tuum was founded on March 12, 2006, by Novo. It has since merged with Orestes.

Public Statement

Ascendo Tuum!

Tired of all of the stagnation on the Sage ocean, a new crew is born. Although the crew may be new, its purpose is clear: we pledge to provide you with the best large-scale pillaging experience around on Sage, with consistently successful War Frig and Brig pillages in a hassle free environment.

We strongly believe that any help is good help. If you are interested in joining, please contact one of our officers. New players are especially encouraged to join up, as we will help you make money and improve your puzzling skills simultaneously. Beware, however, that our promotion requirements may be considered strict. Do not expect any free passes!

The most important rule to follow on our ships is to have fun and maintain a positive attitude. Our primary goal when pillaging is to ensure everyone on board has a good time. Be expected to puzzle, though, because puzzling is fun! If you disagree with the former statement then please do not apply for a job. We have a very low tolerance for lazing, swearing, spamming, begging and other forms of misbehaviour.

See you on the seas,


Captain of Ascendo Tuum