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Arkblade has joined many different crews ever since he was a greenie. He came across crews by pillaging, and getting suggestions from hearties. Arkblade can jump between 15 to 20 crews in just one day and quick enough that pirates won't notice.

What he is now

Arkblade is a officer of The Mystical Shadows from the most famous flag Fearless Privateers and he runs pillages and helps young greenies with their duty puzzles. Arkblade is a greeter so whenever ye be needing help ask him. Pirates can see him almost daily at 3:00pm eastern time (U.S.) pillaging on the a sloop mostly solos but at least a quarter of the time he jobs pirates. Greenies(green), Greeters(pink), OM's(blue) and regular yellow named pirates can join his pillages because everyone is invited.

How he became a sucessful officer

With the help of his real-life classmate Nikhil, he has now become one very sucessful officer not just in The Mystical Shadows but in all the other crews he has been in. His good hearty Flameheart has taught him his ridiculous battle navigation skills and his influential talent to make a jobbing pirate full time members in crews just like The Mystical Shadows.