Aphrodite's Scorn

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Aphrodite's Scorn at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Vicstie of Deadly Dragon
Member crew(s) Deadly Dragon, Hydra's Rampage
Founded 28 March, 2012
Dormant as of 27 January, 2013
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Aphrodite's Scorn.jpg

Aphrodite's Scorn is a currently dormant flag that once ranked number seven on the fame-list on the Meridian Ocean.

Public statement

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... oh look - a woman is in charge!

Extended public statement

We are a fun loving flag that aims to rebuild what we oncee had. We encourage all of our crews to take part in everything we and our allies do whilst strongly valuing every member, regardless of rank or status.

Contact any royal if you'd like to bring your crew to our flag! <3

Alliance requests should not be sent until discussing with one of our royals beforehand.

Flag information

Aphrodite's Scorn originated from the Malachite Ocean. Aphrodite's Scorn is a large, active and powerful flag with members located all around the world. They strive to be the best they can be, and have proven to be so! In June 2012, Aphrodite's Scorn managed to climb to the #1 spot on the Meridian Flag fame list! Each and every one of their crews contain great members, and those members strive to give the best for their crew and the flag.


Every member under the flag of Aphrodite's scorn aim to provide entertainment for every member on the Meridan. All members in the flag play a vital role in the flag's success, whether it be in contributing towards flag funds, or simply helping flag members run successful pillages to keep boosting the flag's illustrious fame to keep the flag at the number one spot. However, there are a few pirates in the flag who play an extremely important role. These members are the foundation of the flag, and maintain all issues within the flag. These members are the flag's monarch, Vicstie, and the flag's royal members.

Aphrodite's Scorn currently consists of the single monarch, and the flag's 2 royals.


Previously owned:

Flag achievements

  • Achieved #1 flag magnate reputation
  • Achieved #1 flag patron reputation
  • Achieved #1 flag explorer reputation
  • Achieved #1 flag conqueror reputation
  • Obtained first island: Polaris Point
  • Obtained second island: Surtsey Island

Important flag venues

Flag chart ship

The flag chart ship - the Kind Herring - is accessible by any flag royal, and contains virtually every chart that the flag could get their hands on! The flag chart ship is located at Polaris Point, please don't hesitate to ask a royal or the monarch to retrieve a chart.

Flag halls

  1. Love Flag on Fugu Island
  2. The Tiger's Den on Tigerleaf Mountain

Flag stalls

Members of Aphrodite's scorn currently own these stalls:

Iron mongers

Polaris Point
  • Shooting Stars
  • Mountain Dew


  • Chamberpot's Shipyard
Napi Peak
  • Slooper Mario Brothers


Tigerleaf Mountain
  • Polliainen's Tailoring Stall
  • Scootysweep's Tailoring Stall