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Amphitrite was one of the second wave of Ocean Masters hired by Three Rings. She was always accompanied by the lovable mood-octopus, Sqwrt, whose color changed according to her emotions... or just to match her clothing, when she pulled on his tentacles insistently enough.

In her spare time, "Phi" enjoyed creating swordfighting tourneys, playing hide-and-seek, ordering around the skellies on El Pollo Diablo, listening to Clio read books aloud, and heckling Hermes.

Before her retirement [1], Amphitrite was governor of Sage Ocean's Descartes Isle. She moderated the Game Design section of the forums with a firm hand.


In Greek mythology, Amphitrite is the Nereid wife of Poseidon, and is the mother of all sea creatures. Her name translates to "third one who encircles (the sea)."

Dolls awarded Trinket-Amphitrite doll.png

Midnight: Raquaetta, Gemm, Kingpriam, Tropican, Llama, Rummykins, Faulkston, Falkenberg, Macky, Sseth, Jerze

Cobalt: Escape, Kitt, Wrong, Synful

Viridian: Sky, Lethe, Saltake, Capearl, Snakeeye, Keweney

Sage: Princessj, Adee, Sindaia, Svea


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