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Ameki is a Lieutenant Commander in the Admiral Island navy



Ameki started playing in July 2008. The first hours of his gaming life he spent learning the basics on with the navy. On the very same day he joined his first crew Death Before Dishonor. He quickly made some friends but only after a couple of days he found himself leaving Death Before Dishonor with two friends. A day after Ameki left Death Before Dishonor he joined GOLDEN EAGLES.

Becuase the crew was new Ameki got promoted to fleet officer almost instantly. Ameki liked to cruise around the sea while pillaging but on the first of July he was attacked by Skymike and Eternal Glory, in a sinking battle GOLDEN EAGLES's ship sunk and Handsomeguy decided to leave the flag Raven’s Lair. The next day Ameki was promoted to a senior officer and GOLDEN EAGLES joined the flag Cimmerii. When Scarredlife and the Knights of Hell left the flag Ameki became a prince within the flag.

When GOLDEN EAGLES left Cimmerii to create King’s Eagles Ameki continued to be a prince, but when Handsomeguy sold the crew and the flag to Soulsearcher Ameki decided that it was time to leave the crew.


  • Sand dollar, won 13th July, 2008 in Atlantis.