Amazinly Awesome Antics

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Amazinly Awesome Antics at a Glance
Ice Ocean
Last Monarch Adrielle of Amazin Arty Awesomeness
Member crew(s) Amazin Arty Awesomeness
Founded 18 January, 2010
Disbanded as of 21 March, 2010
Favicon.png Flag Info

Amazinly Awesome Antics was a flag on the Ice Ocean. The crew was founded on the 18th of January, 2010 by Adrielle. The crew's name is deliberately misspelled to reflect Adrielle's alternate character (Amazinad). It was hoped that in time this flag would grow enough to be able to participate in blockades, but unfortunately the flag soon disbanded.

Extended Public Statement

If you would like to join, just ask!!! =D

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