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An alliance is a formal political agreement between two flags.

Alliances are usually formed for one or several reasons, including:

  • mutual defense of islands in blockades
  • coordinating blockades on other islands
  • trade or shopkeeping agreement
  • courting friendly relations with like minded flags

Alliance webs can become very complex. Declarations of war are often difficult as war cannot be declared if the two flags have a common ally three levels out. This often leads to temporary dissolution of alliances to declare wars.

How flags become allied

Royalty can form an alliance, or declare war, on another flag's info page.

Royalty of a flag can find an option to form an alliance with another flag on its info page. Doing that sends a message to the other flag, stating, "<Flag A> has proposed an alliance. If ye propose an alliance in return, ye will be allies!" It also places a statement on the original flag's info page that, "This flag is trying to form an alliance with <Flag B>."

If a royal in Flag B were to propose an alliance in return, it would then go to a formal vote among Flag B's royalty, and the motion will be one of the following options:

  • carried when a greater amount than one-half of the royals vote in its favour
  • defeated when greater than one-half of its royalty vote against it
  • carried if the vote is still evenly split after three days

Once an alliance is approved, it is listed on both flags' info pages on the left-hand side.

Sending out alliance offers without first consulting with at least one of the royalty of the flag being proposing to is generally considered bad etiquette.

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