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Contributed in-game art by Agomicc

Agomicc is a pirate on the Meridian Ocean. Prior to the ocean merge on January 31st, 2012, she played on the Viridian Ocean.

General info

Agomicc started playing Puzzle Pirates in 2008. At the beginning, Agomicc was just a pirate on her brother's account, Ecrvtbyn. On June 30, 2009, she created a new account and asked an Ocean Master to move the pirate Agomicc to that account, so that she and her brother could play the game independently. Agomicc now wins many trophies, trinkets, and items, and becomes a part of the game.

Agomicc is friendly. She is not talkative but behaves politely to every other pirate. She never leaves a vessel in battles, or on Cursed Isles, except for in the case that her electricity is cut!


  • On March 27th, won as the 3rd overall winner in the contest Art for the Arty (held by Adrielle with the participation of many artists). Got an avatar drawn by the artist Tilinka as the prize
  • In February 2010, Agomicc joined all the three contests held at that time. She didn't win in egg design contest, but gloriously won in Creating Spring trinket for the game and being in honorable mention list of the Luck portrait background contest . She got her dread masterpiece trophy, a couple of her trinket design, sprouting bean and a Greenbones doll, a pirate flag, and a gown (gold, light green) of her choice

In-game Art


Trinket-Seashell necklace.png Seashell necklace

Trinket-Sprouting bean.png Sprouting bean

Trinket-Sunflower with card.png Sunflower with card

Portrait background

Monthly agomicc newyearlanternfestival.png
Agomicc's New Year Lantern Festival


Furniture-Banner - Trident.png Banner - Trident