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Aftermath is also the name of a defunct Viridian Ocean flag.
Aftermath at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Chunkoha
Senior Officer(s)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Requiem of Command
Founded 21 April, 2007
Dormant or disbanded as of 6 June, 2008
Favicon.png Crew Info

Aftermath was a crew on the Viridian Ocean which belonged to the flag Requiem of Command. After a power struggle and betrayal by one of the Senior Officers, Chunkoha merged the crew with Demons of the Deep.

Public Statment

We will stand alone.

Extended Public Statment

This is a private crew, but that doesn't mean ye can't join. We're not elites, and we're not all absolutely best friends, but we all know each other.

If ye want to join, it's not hard. Skills are of no matter, as we know ye'll get better. Just talk to me. About anything, not just the crew. We'll have a SF, go on a pilly, play a round of poker, just hang out and get to know each other. That way I don't have some stranger in my crew.

One of the main advantages to this is that if we get to know each other, we'll keep in touch. That way, my SO's and I can keep an eye on your progress, abilities, and general composure within the crew. We will notice improvement, don't worry.

One more thing, every new recruit has to SF me as initiation. It's not rated, and we'll both use foils. It just lets me get to see yer skills.

Cabin Person - Simply ask, and read the above. -----

Pirate - If you're already a Cabin Person, just get the badge. -------

If you are thinking about the other ranks, join the crew. I won't recruit anyone automatically as an officer without them talking to me first, or me offering them a promotion.

Ship restocking: Do it after each pillage. You should know that. If it doesn't happen, HEADS WILL ROLL!