Admiral Island (Sage)

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Important.gif The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
Admiral Island
Sage Ocean
Large island in the Gull Archipelago
Admiral Island (Sage).png

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Controlled by   Outcasts  
Governed by   Wingedhussar
Navy color   Green
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Admiral Island is a large island located in the Gull Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Wensleydale, Basset Island, and Isle of Kent and an inter-archipelago to Scrimshaw Island in the Stork Archipelago. Admiral Island is also the first island on any ocean to offer every type of housing, the housing set was finished under Governor Sidewinder of Lunatic Fringe.

Natural Resources

This island spawns hemp and sugar cane.


The building theme on Admiral is "Hollywood and the Movies."

Dye Hard (bazaar)
Enamel House (upgraded)
Gone With The Whisk
Lethal Potion
A Rare Alchemy (upgraded)
Funding Nemo (upgraded)
Commodities market 
The Whisper Market (upgraded)
Free Swilly (bazaar)
The Grogfather
The Keg and I
Kill Swill (upgraded)
Forrest Rum (upgraded)
Lord of the Rums
Estate agent 
Altered Estates (upgraded)
The Manchurian Cabinet (bazaar)
The Da Vinci Couch (upgraded)
For Beddings and a Furnisher (upgraded)
Lock, Stock and Barrel (upgraded)
Bedside Manors (right-facing manor)
Bringing Town the House (right-facing townhouse)
Bungalow Bill (right-facing bungalow)
Cabin Fever (building) (left-facing cabin)
Caddyshack (right-facing shack)
Cthulhu Mansion (left-facing mansion)
The Great Estate (left-facing estate)
Hotel Rowanda (right-facing row house)
King Kottage (left-facing cottage)
Villa Las Vegas (right-facing villa)
Sho Girls (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Charlie's Anvils (bazaar)
Blade Runner (upgraded)
Cannonball Run (upgraded)
Full Metal Jacket
House of the Flying Swords (upgraded)
It's a Wonderful Knife
Saturday Night Cleaver (upgraded)
Sword of War (upgraded)
The Hollywood Palace (upgraded)
The Shipshank Redemption (bazaar)
Battle of the River Plaice
Beauty And The Brig
Dude, Where's My Frig (upgraded)
Frigates of the Caribbean
Frig History X
Hullboy (upgraded)
The Mast and the Furious (upgraded)
The Princess Brig (upgraded)
Pulp Frigtion Construction Site
Slooperman (upgraded)
Slooping with the Enemy (upgraded)
Sloopspotting (upgraded)
The Whole Nine Shipyards (upgraded)
Gown with the Wind (bazaar)
Clothesless (upgraded)
Clothing Tighter, Hidden Padding
Dressed to Kill (upgraded)
Lost In Lace (upgraded)
Mona Lisa Style Construction Site
Much Ado about Clothing (upgraded)
Planet of the Capes (upgraded)
Swan Thong (upgraded)
Clothwork Orange (bazaar)
Four Looms (upgraded)
Panic Loom (upgraded)
Weavenge of the Stitch (upgraded)


Admiral is governed by Outcasts.


Following a brown path to the north, an inscription on a log can be found saying "This island were fashioned by Waterbug."


Admiral I, 2006-02-18: Go with the Flow colonized Admiral, defeating Rogues of Sage in a three-round sinking blockade.

Admiral II, 2006-05-13: Go with the Flow defended and retained Admiral in a five-round sinking blockade, defeating Quixotic Tangent in the first blockade on Sage to last more than three rounds. Quixotic Tangent took an early lead, winning the first two rounds, but lost the third round by a mere ten points. The final two rounds were lost by larger margins. This was the first time anyone in the Go with the Flow alliance net had lost a blockade round.

On May 20th, 2006 Go with the Flow disbanded, leaving the island open for re-colonization on the 27th.

Admiral III, 2006-05-27: Lunatic Fringe re-colonized Admiral in a three-round uncontested blockade.

Admiral IV, 2006-10-14: Outcasts gained Admiral, defeating Hardcore Explorers in a four-round sinking blockade. Lunatic Fringe was unprepared to defend and didn't contend while Hardcore Explorers pulled out after round 3.

Admiral V, 2006-10-21: Allied Saruyama Forces attacked in a three-round blockade, but failed to win the island; the final round was sinking.