A Stitch in Lime (Namath)

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This article is about a tailor shoppe on the Midnight Ocean. For the Cobalt Ocean bazaar, see A Stitch in Lime.
A Stitch In Lime
Left-facing Tailor (upgraded) on
Namath Island (Jet Archipelago)
Midnight Ocean
Owner Laralai
Manager(s) Lorn, Oppy, Ukchick
Erected January 2006

A Stitch In Lime, a tailor shoppe, is located on scenic Namath Island in the Opal Archipelago of Midnight Ocean. The racks contain one of the largest collections of clothing on the entire ocean.

Laralai purchased the shoppe from Lovelie in March of 2009. Prior to Lovelie's proprietorship of A Stitch in Lime, Colyn owned the shoppe.

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