A Song For The Deaf

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A Song for the Deaf at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch Yorkyblue of Lost
Member crew(s) Lost
Founded 15 September, 2005
Dormant as of 2 June, 2009
Flags-A Song for the Deaf.jpg

A Song For The Deaf is a flag on the Cobalt Ocean that was founded on September 15, 2005. The flag is currently dormant

Public statement

We are a group of mercenaries. Our blockade services are for sale to the highest bidder.

Glub ye very much.

Services include: Blockade Commanders, Navigators, Ships, Ship floating, PVP targeting.


Lost was formed when Yorkyblue decided it was time to make a fresh start and created the pirate Dwarfer, along with Nezumi (Piper). To start with they looked at the PvP side of the game and pillaged together especially for this purpose. Soon after this, Gunnermooch linked back up with Yorkyblue, in Lost. After hard work and a few others joining Lost finally had the fame to create a flag, which was named A Song For The Deaf.

As soon as the flag was created the wars began. A Song For The Deaf declared war on every flag in the ocean, with 10 flags accepting. After 3-4 days of sinking other flags ships, A Song For The Deaf decided to call a truce on the wars and set new sights on where to go from here. At this point Gunnermooch stepped down from his current royalty position to concentrate on his main ocean, Midnight.

Crotty was then promoted to Monarch by Dwarfer as they both pursued into the Mercenary business. Shortly after this, the people who were here to make a new start with new pirates brought their main pirates into the flag instead.

In December 2005, a push to gain fame began, bringing in many new crews and mates. With fame came blockades. A Song for the Deaf became the first flag in Puzzle Pirates to take and hold three islands in one month. These islands were Dendrite, Harmattan, and Ansel in order that they were blockaded.

Eventually the flag had a fall out, and A Song for the Deaf became a defunct flag. On August 7, 2007 several of the original founding members rejoined A Song for the Deaf which is currently growing back to its original size. The flag hopes to enjoy the glub glub fun it had in the past.

Major accomplishments and events

  • First mercenary flag on Cobalt.
  • First flag on Puzzle Pirates to colonize 3 different islands within one month.

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 15 January 2006 Dendrite II Attacking colonized no Spit Into the Wind vs. A Song for the Deaf 0:3 Won island
2 29 January 2006 Harmattan II Attacking colonized no Raiders of the Lost Arch vs. A Song for the Deaf, Indestructible Fury 0:3:0 Won island
3 11 February 2006 Ansel I Attacking uncolonized yes none vs. Valor, A Song for the Deaf, All Hands on Deck 0:1:3:1 Won island
4 21 May 2006 Labyrinth II Attacking colonized yes Ascension vs. A Song for the Deaf 3:0 Didn't win island
5 4 June 2006 Ansel II Defending colonized yes A Song for the Deaf vs. Ascension 0:3 Lost island
6 4 June 2006 Harmattan III Defending colonized yes A Song for the Deaf vs. Valor , Imperial Margarine 0:3:1 Lost island
7 4 June 2006 Viridis III Defending colonized yes A Song for the Deaf vs. Anonymity 0:3 Lost island
8 2 December 2007 Tigerleaf II Attacking colonized no The Art of War vs. A Song for the Deaf 2:3 Won island
9 15 December 2007 Tigerleaf III Defending colonized yes A Song for the Deaf vs. Black Veil 0:3 Lost island