2022 Design Easter Eggs - Entry page

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Winners Announced!

Ahoy and congratulations to all the winners this year! Eggs will be in-game, but it's possible they may be a tad delayed - don't worry, they will be in!

The winners:

  • Awakens' Lucky Egg
  • Acidd's Chick Egg
  • Jaxxa's Froggy Egg
  • Faeree's Sleepy Octo Egg
  • Spy's Hatted Monkey Egg
  • Gammyx's Queen of Harrts Egg
  • Acidd's Rabbit of Many Colors
  • Greyladyy's Wobbly Rumjug Egg
  • Bge's Ice Cream Egg
  • Laddida's Swirl Egg
  • Barbadon's Vibrant Zigzag Egg
  • Wayfarer's Whimsy Egg


This is the entry page for the 2022 Egg Design Contest. Upload your entries here!

  • Images must be 256 x 256 pixels
  • Images must be .png format
  • Include pirate name and ocean in the file name. The egg name is optional. Example file name: EGG_2022-Clotho-Cerulean-Design_Name
  • You can enter up to 8 designs each.


EGG 2022-Acidd-Emerald-22 Carrot Emerald Rabbit render.png EGG 2022-Acidd-Emerald-22 Carrot Sapphire Rabbit render.png EGG 2022-Acidd-Emerald-Hop It Like It's Hot render.png Acidd-Hoppy Easter render.png Acidd-Less Than Three render.png Acidd-New Hare Don't Care render.png Acidd-O v O render.png Acidd-O w O render.png



Barbadon Vibrant Abstract egg.png Barbadon Vibrant Abstract2 egg.png Barbadon Vibrant Zig Zag egg.png Barbadon Vibrant Swirl egg.png Barbadon Flowers egg.png Barbadon Flowers Pink egg.png


1.Bge Lapis Lazuli .png 2.Bge Cracked Clam .png 3.Bge Rose .png 4.Bge Ice Cream .png 5.Bge Wrapped Mummy .png 6.Bge Sliced Watermelon .png 7.Bge Yohoho .png 8.Bge-Emerald-Music Madness egg.png


Bisca Bandana ducky04 egg.png Bisca-Campfire06 .png Bisca Chocolate03 egg.png Bisca Orchid09 .png Bisca-Serpent-10.png Bisca Stained Glass03.png Bisca stars egg 11.png Bisca Bat26 .png


1. Daaddy Shoe.png 2. Daaddy Connection.png 3. Daaddy Silly.png



Diletto-MacGuffin Egg.png Diletto-Antikythera Egg.png Diletto-FossilSkull Egg.png Diletto-FossilVariant Egg.png Diletto-Volcano Egg.png


1. EGG 2022-Faeree-Cerulean SleepyOcto egg.png 2. EGG 2022-Faeree-Cerulean SeaCreature egg.png 3. EGG 2022-Faeree-Cerulean Tulips egg.png 4. EGG 2022-Faeree-Cerulean SpringSpiral egg.png 5. EGG 2022-Faeree-Cerulean Springy egg.png 6. EGG 2022-Faeree-Cerulean Ms-Skull egg.png 7. EGG 2022-Faeree-Cerulean Mr-Bones egg.png 8. EGG 2022-Faeree-Cerulean Deer egg.png


GammyxMoonEgg.png GammyxQueenofharrtsEgg.png GammyxKingofharrrtsEgg.png GammyxMidnightEgg.png GammyxMrMustacheEgg.png GammyxDragonHatchlingEgg.png GammyxDinoEgg.png


1. Egg-rendered-2022-Greyladyy-1.png 2. Egg-rendered-2022-Greyladyy-8.png 3. Egg-rendered-2022-Greyladyy-7.png 4. Egg-rendered-2022-Greyladyy-5.png 5. Egg-rendered-2022-Greyladyy-3.png 6. Egg-rendered-2022-Greyladyy-2.png 7. Egg-rendered-2022-Greyladyy-4.png 8. Egg-rendered-2022-Greyladyy-6.png


Igboo BbRrAaIiNnSs.png Igboo-Loadedpotato01.png Igboo-MosaicTiles01.png Igboo-Neapolitan04.png Igboo ripple03.png Igboo-Sadchalcos01.png Igboo-Vibrantwave01.png Igboo-03zilla.png


1. Jaxxa-Emerald-delft blue.png 2. Jaxxa-emerald-egyptian-scarab.png 3. Jaxxa-emerald-blue-bunny.png 4. Jaxxa-emerald-froggy.png 5. Jaxxa-emerald-glass-marble.png 6. Jaxxa-emerald-lion.png 7. Jaxxa-emerald-Bunny.png 8. Jaxxa-emerald-sssnake.png


1. EGG Rendered 2022 Laddida-Emerald-Diamonds.png 2. EGG Rendered 2022 Laddida-Emerald-Swirl.png 3. EGG Rendered 2022 Laddida-Emerald-Heart Swirl.png 4. EGG Rendered 2022 Laddida-Emerald-Gold Web.png


1.Masters Blue Flowers.png 2.Masters Sunflower.png 3.Masters Rocket.png


1.Phaeirie Allthatglitters01 .png 2.Phaeirie-Budgieyg01 .png 3.Phaeirie coffeeebeans01 .png 4.Phaeirie evillclown01 .png 5.Phaeirie evilleye01 .png 6.Phaeirie goldfishbowwl01 .png 7.Phaeirie heartysunicorn01 .png 8.Phaeirie laceskulll01 .png




*Please Note: I created every ingame color variant of the hatted monkey. If chosen I would like it considered that a player can choose the primary and secondary color of the egg as a dropdown menu in the Palace Shoppe. It can use the ingame color swatch for the hatted monkey. I can provide default green and red color or the original artwork file. Otherwise for my entries I have uploaded the best looking ones!

1. EGG 2022-Spy-Emerald-Hatted Monkey Purple Purple-Render.png 2. EGG 2022-Spy-Emerald-Hatted Monkey Pink Lavender-Render.png 3. EGG 2022-Spy-Emerald-Hatted Monkey Lime iceR.png 4. EGG 2022-Spy-Emerald-Hatted Monkey Grey IceR.png 5. EGG 2022-Spy-Emerald-Hatted Monkey Choc GreyR.png




1. Ylisse-Emerald-Cloudy.png 2. Ylisse-Emerald-Dino.png 3. Ylisse-Emerald-Fruity.png 4. Ylisse-Emerald-Salmon.png 5. Ylisse-Emerald-Sumo.png 6. Ylisse-Emerald-Tamago.png