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Navy Rank
Lieutenant in the Barracuda Island Navy in the Lacerta Archipelago

Svaldez currently serves as a Pirate and official Carpenter for the newly formed crew The Dead Piranhas. He is also a Member of the flag The Dead Fleet .

Latest Achievments and Accomplishments

Future Goals

  • The Broad Rumbler
  • The Broad Treasure Hauler
  • The Broad Drinker
  • The Broad Spades Player
  • The Broad Hearts Player
  • The Broad Poker Player
  • The Broad Distiller


Svaldez started his pirate career around May 2013. He was intrigued with the pirate life at an early age. When he was a young lad, his first word was “Arrrrrrrrrrr”. He has also been referred to as a gentleman and has been known to ‘reward’ fellow pirates when defeated in any of the pirate games (i.e. Treasure Drop, Poker). His mentality is that a worthy adversary makes for a fair match and deserves recognition. Svaldez has also been known to associate with other fellow pirates to include Cap'n Crunch, One-eyed Willie,Captain Hook, Long John Silver,Captain Feathersword, and Captain Morgan. Whenever you see this pirate in-game, send him a /tell, who knows, he might reward you with some Pieces of Eight.

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