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Dead Man's Chest (crew)

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For other uses of the term, see Dead Man's Chest.
Dead Man's Chest at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Bobassa
Senior Officer(s) Atemus, Drafell, Flamejatt, Kateleena, Masterturner, Tripquick
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Dead Man's Chest
Founded 20 July, 2006
Disbanded or merged with Natural Born Chillers of Major Key Alert (?) as of 10 February, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Dead Man's Chest was a crew on the retired Hunter Ocean. It was ranked 33rd among Hunter Ocean crews before disbanding.


Public statement

"Dead Man's Chest is sailin' der seas of Hunter once again in search of ye booty! Nothing is safe not even yer wenches!"


Dead Man's Chest has a structured rank system. Lower ranks are based on experience and ability while the upper ranks are based on continued loyalty and activeness.

  • Cabin Person requires that one read the articles and adhere to them.
  • Pirate requires that one have a broad and three narrows. This rank is often granted to those who just barely do not meet requirements.
  • Officer in Training is a rank that is granted to those who have not yet gained the leadership abilities to lead a pillage yet have experience in the standard piracy puzzles. Requirements to apply are four broads in Sailing, Carpentry, Gunnery, and Bilging. Applicants must apply to Bobassa or one of the Senior Officers.
  • Officer is the highest rank one may attain when first joining the crew without exception. It requires that one at least have narrow battle navigation or own a ship. One will also be watched to ensure they can properly lead a pillage and restock to the owners desired level. Failure to restock results in temporary demotion.
  • Fleet Officer is limited to those who have been an officer of the crew for at least a week. It also requires a vote of confidence from the majority of Fleet Officers, Senior Officers, and the captain. The captain reserves the right to veto any applications for the rank for any reason.
  • Senior Officer is the highest attainable rank in Dead Man's Chest. Only those who have proven there loyalty beyond any doubt may reach this rank.

Crew history

Dead Man's Chest was founded by a young pirate who was named Drafell. he was alone with a small sloop. By the time, he founded a new crew named "Dead Man's Chest" ,and he quickly acquired several pirates by posted job offering at the jobbers board on the Notice Board . In the early period, a lack of seasone of the officers nearly have the skill to navigate in a battle. Futhermore, Drafell was hired additional crews to expanded his crew. by the time was right,a good friend of Drafell's, who was named himself the "Tripquick", was joined the crew and to proved a formidable battle in Bnav.

A combination of talent between the Drafell and Tripquick quickly recruited several promising officers. One of noted was Juni who was dubbed the sail master of the crew. There was a legend about her formed that she could move even a war brig at full speed by herself! Of course, such tavern talk was just a rumor, but her name still resounds in the hearts of the crew.

Unfortunately after several fleet officers was abandoned. Juni was also disappeared and given Drafell a great choose to dormantthe whole crews. However, Tripquick was ran the crew for a few weeks until he was disappeared too. After two years passed, Dead Man's Chest seem to disappeared from the earth. Until February, 2008, when Drafell and Tripquick decided to sail out the seas once again.

Csab and Bobassa were the two important fleet officers before the rejoined of the crew. Both of them vigorouing the pillage and recruiting the crew. nearly strict unbendable rank requirements quickly filled the crew with a mature, and well as knit the crew. Furthermore, the officer training program also led to more pirates becomes officer within a few days.

With a combined assets of the upper echelon. The crew consisting of eleven sloops, four cutters, a dhow, two baghlahs, three war brigs, and a war frigate.However, Dead Man's chest still has room to grow. You will find Dead Man's Chest leading frequent pillages around Aimuari island every day and hopes more talent pirates to join.

Captaincy history

  1. Drafell (July 20, 2006 - ~Apr 29, 2008)
  2. Tripquick (~Apr 29, 2008 - ?)
  3. Bobassa (? - ~Feb 10, 2009) (Disbanded)

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