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Yumisa is senior officer and monster hunter of the crew ANGEL'S and princess of the flag O'MALLEY'S MARQUE in Emerald, captain and monster hunter of the crew Raiders of the Booty and queen of the flag The Veldt in Meridian as of 2021. Her cat, Felipe, is the mascot of the crew ANGEL'S.

She was captain and monster hunter of the crew Dead Man's Secret and member of the flag Barely Dressed, Born Again and princess of the flag Feelings Mutual on the Meridian Ocean, a former captain of the crew Dynasty and queen of the flag Bounce.


  • With her flag Bounce, she blockaded for the the first time.
  • Won Duat Island on her first blockade.
  • Learned to be an executive officer, a jobbing contact and gained blockade navving experience.

Puzzle achievements

  • Top ten in Battle Navigation, Weaving, Rigging, Foraging and poker.
  • #1 poker player 48 times in a row.
  • Finally #1 rigger.


Yumisa has been around many flags and is glad she was able to help some awesome pirates. But she got to be:

New found love

Not so long ago, Yumisa dicovered her love for doing avatars and decided to share her art for people by creating an avatar shop on the Mariner's muse section in forums.

A pirate's life

Yumisa started her pirate life thinking it would all be fun but she discovered drama pretty quickly. But no matter how much has happened she was able to meet amazing people all around the oceans and was part of incredible crews and flags -excluding Fill in the Blank after all the Emmett monarch drama came over-. But the only thing that will stay in Yumisa's heart will be her love for that small ocean once called Malachite that no matter what anyone said, she, and everyone else in that ocean, knew it was an active and the best ocean of all.

The legendary 2020

Yumisa came back to revisit old times in March of 2020 out of nostalgia. Has not left since due to quarantine lasting over 8 months in the land of Argentina. Wherever this game may go, no matter how many years go by, understand that we always come back. Thank you.

Hello and goodbye 2021

Yumisa still plays Y!PP on the Emerald server with her beloved Angel's Family. She does comissioned piratey artwork to whoever is insterested. Do a /w Yumisa in game to find out if she is online and send her a /tell if interested in it!