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Xey is a senior officer of the crew We're Back Baby on the Ice Ocean.


His career on Ice began in July 2005 after retiring from Midnight. After being forced out of the crew Ice Breakers, he quickly formed his own crew and began a PvP spree which created a bad reputation for him. Due to the lack of pillaging, Xey moved into a merchant career. He set up nine stalls that made approximatly 10,000 PoE per day. After meeting with Redbaerdnich on Ice, the two set about preparing a fleet to take down their arch-rivals Ice Breakers but because blockades were turned off, Xey retired from the Ice ocean in January 2006.

Almost two precisely two years after his retirement Xey returned, remade Verso and found his former crew member Edteach in charge of the island Xey had always wanted, Eieio Island. Only 4 days into his return, Xey made an instant mark on the ocean by winning a blockade on the island of Kings Island.