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I'm Conlaoch of Obsidian. I do wiki editing as a side hobby, I guess. I type in a multi-save manner, meaning it might take me multiple page saves to get something the way I want it to look, sorry about that. If you see any of my work and would like to know how it works, check the tutorial section.


These are all from experience, and may or may not be correct.

(Tutorial) Dl: Disambiguation link

You want to use this so you differentiate your whatever from something else. For example, Dragon Balls is both a shop and a crew. You'd use "dl|Dragon Balls|crew" without quotations and in double curly brackets to differentiate it as a crew. Only problem with this, is that you may eventually run into a problem where someone may have taken the same name but a different category (Someone made a crew name with the same flag name) as yours. You might have to do "dl|Dragon Balls|Obsidian Crew", without quotations and with double curly brackets. In a pinch, you may also do "obsidian|Dragon Balls" Without quotations and in double curly brackets to mark it as an obsidian disambiguation. If you don't understand, edit my message page and leave your name in it, and I'll try to help.

(Tutorial) Double brackets versus double curly brackets

Double brackets seem to allow you to link pages, and give page links "nicknames". For the nickname command, for example you'd use "Monarch|Queen" without quotations and in double brackets to nickname the Monarch page link as Queen. This will allow you to effectively change what appears, and is very useful for places like where a Monarch can be a King or Queen and Royalty can be a Prince or Princess. On the other hand, double curlies usually allows you to execute a format that was made, like being able to add pagestub for an info box. Also, explained in the previous paragraph, it also allows you to make a disambiguation page.

(Tutorial) Watch yo' copyright

Puzzle pirates images usually are copyrighted by Three Rings. This means that all portraits, familiar icons, pet icons, trophy icons, trinket icons, heck, just about anything image based you can pull from is copyrighted. You may or may not get punished for not doing this, but it's better to be on the safe side. So, use: (Put this in the text editor for the Image page, all of these are without quotations and with double curly brackets)
"Portrait image" to mark it as a portrait image
"Interface image" to mark it as part of an interface (like the trinket button)
"fi" to mark it as a familiar image
"pet image" to mark it as a pet image
"Trinket image" to mark it as a trinket image

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Notice on Page Moves

I've done a page move on the flag Blame Brenda to rename it to Brenda. I won't be renaming directs unless absolutely necessary, but I will be attempting to track monarchy movements.

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