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Welcome to the YPPedian Gloraelin's user page
(Note: Please do not edit this page. Direct all comments to my User talk page.)
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:: Statistics
09:25 UTC, 29 March 2023
Currently 29,967 articles
:: Contact
:: To do
  • Get back into editing, one page at a time.
  • Finish doing the housing floorplans
  • Finish out the "hide the grid" guide for the Tools.
  • Create and update tutorials for the Tools, things like "how to create a happy forest." Basic stuff like that that's surprisingly tricky to grasp.
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:: Licensing
I release all of my contributions to YPPedia, including everything on this user page and all of its subpages, into the public domain. Hence, if you want to use this page's design, or even just the links header design at the top, you are very welcome to do so.

About Me

My name is Gloraelin, and I've been playing since June of 2004. I've been in a few flags here and there in my time, and currently reside in Riot on my main and in other flags as my alts. You can also find me on the other oceans as Gloraelin, mostly on Sage these days. I served as PR for Imperio on the Midnight ocean some time ago, and helped to bring about a fairly well-regarded truce between two major flags. I'm a member of the Island design team, and also a retired Shanty Jockey for Shanty Raid-io, now sadly gone. I am a brutal(ly good) XO and MAA, and like to entertain flagmates by singing over Ventrilo during round three break. I'm an equal-opportunity snot, I plank anybody that moves just to see the funny message over crew chat, I'm addicted to Treasure Drop (bring back per-drop wager and I'll clean out half the ocean. though perhaps that's why they won't bring it back?), and I'll gladly bankrupt myself for pretty stuff, be it clothing or furniture for my house.

I've got a couple of projects that I'm trying to restart, and I really want to stop booching up my templates.  :(

Also, I want a purple octopus to rest on my shoulder and call "Squishy." Just like Dory.

Gloraelin's Puzzle Pirate Code

!A LB-| Sk+ Zm- !Ult D!! DT+++ C++ P++ Cp- Bl++(+) Sa++ Gu N++ Th:( Sw+++ R-- Al++ BS- !TP SF++ Rm-- Dr+(!D) TD$ SpO SpN- Ht- Bn- X*:*:* BP-)(++) Fl$ BK- Atl++++ Def++:++ Cit++ AtlB++ Sh0_-===== Pt+++ $++ Cl++ F+++ GD+ FA+ Wki++ Scr++ Bx+++ Ice+++

Wiki Contributions

For a full list, see this page.
  • Most of the Shanty Raid-io articles
  • Started the move of Fan Arrrt from the forums
  • Random minor stuff
  • Addition of "wish list" floorplans

Current projects

Both the page framework and layout courtesy of Blankfaze. ¡Gracias!
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