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Framling is a pirate hailing from Newfoundland, an island in the North Atlantic with a fine tradition of piratey activity and smuggling. She is a Senior Officer in the British Eagles, and can regularly be found terrorizing brigands in Viridian's Onyx Archipelago, standing proudly in the crow's nest of the good sloop Short Needlefish. Her favourite things to do are pillage and teach new officers. She's also dabbling in event-running, in which capacity she has discovered she has a knack for writing piratey riddles.

On April the Second, 2006, she was dubbed The Official Chronicler of the Adventures of Demeter's Pony, subsequent to her poem, The Saga of Demeter's Pony, for which she won a tortoise, A'tuin.

Framling's current goal is to increase the number of female rockstar navvers by becoming one, and to continue building her reputation as a good Executive Officer in the meantime.

She dreams of one day owning a sloop called the Paranomasiac Ling and sailing off into the sunset with A'tuin.