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{{{1}}} ({{{2}}}) is an informal list of pirates on [[{{{3}}} Ocean|{{{3}}}]] who love to hunt Brigand Kings.

Joining {{{2}}}

To join {{{2}}}, simply add your pirate's information to the list below. Note that if you join, you will receive tells from pirates looking for a Brigand King hunt. To add your name, copy the following text:

{{UP | Pirate_Name | Swordfighting_Standing | Sails_or_Rigs_Standing | Carp_or_Patch_Standing | Bilge_Standing | Guns_Standing | Rumble_Standing | Best_Time_to_Find_You }}

Edit the article section by clicking here and add your information below the line:

Replace the bolded terms with your own information. Make sure to group yourself in alphabetical order to make this list more useful. Save the article, and you are on the list.

Using {{{2}}}

If you are setting up a brigand king hunt, send a tell to pirates on the list offering them a spot. Send one tell only. Do not use this list if you are close to port or are not planning on attacking Brigand Kings.

What is {{{2}}}?

{{{1}}} is a list - a resource for lone players looking for others to hunt Brigand Kings with. Some of us are blessed with giant crews that lead quality pillages at all hours of the day, with people available to hunt brigand kings. For the rest of us, there's {{{2}}}.

By signing up with {{{2}}}, you are saying that you enjoy successful brigand king hunts, and you intend to hunt brigand kings often while online. If your name is listed on {{{2}}}, groups looking for jobbers in a Brigand King pillage will come to you offering work. Here's how {{{2}}} works:

  • Anyone can access the {{{2}}} list, and anyone can invite you to hunt brigand kings. It is your responsibility to decide who to hunt with. If you go on a hunt and the navigator is horrible, then don't accept his or her requests to hunt any more.
  • ANTI-SPAM COUNTERMEASURES: Hunt leaders, when using {{{2}}} to search for jobbers, send a single /tell to each person on the list. Don't send multiple /tells. If you get no reply then the other person is offline or not interested. Here is a sample template: A [ship size] under the command of [pirate] is seeking brigand king hunters. Reply to this message for a job invitation. If you receive the message and are not interested, simply say so. There are other people on the list who might want to pillage.
  • Over the course of using {{{2}}}, you will run across exceptional puzzlers and high-quality mates to hang out with. Feel free to /hearty these mates. {{{2}}} was designed as a tool to help those without extensive contact lists. Once you create your own jobber 'black book', you will find yourself relying on {{{2}}} less and less.

{{{2}}} List

See also the [[{{{1}}}/Supplementary_time_chart|supplementary time chart]].

Pirate name Puzzle standing Times online (PT)
SF Sails/Rigs Carp/Patch Bilge Guns Rumble