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Familiars Won
Excalibur "X"
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Rohanx is currently a senior officer and urchin of the crew Dragon Riders. He is also lord of the flag Firestorm on the Cobalt Ocean.

Contributions and Awards

Events Organised


Rohanx washed up on the shores of Lima Island on the Cobalt Ocean on the 10th of September 2005. He soon joined the crew Rigid Crew, where he remained a cabin person until he could subscribe, becoming pirate and then officer.

When Katees became captain of the Rigid Crew, Rohanx got promoted to senior officer and the crew was renamed in Rebels of the Abyss. After that the crew merged with the Arabian Knights where Rohanx stayed a senior officer. Arabian Knights later disbanded and Rohanx, being loyal to his flag, joined Dragon Riders as a senior officer.

Islands Designed

Rohanx is one of the winners of the Fantasy Island Contest. His excellent design work can be seen at Cenote Island, on the Meridian ocean (as well as on the retired/merged Malachite ocean).


Rohanx has an ultimate skill in Treasure Drop and Rumble, and maintained the #1 standing in Treasure Drop for the whole months of:

  • March 2006
  • April 2006
  • July 2006