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Qwail is a Senior officer in Black Death on the Midnight Ocean.


As a very young pirate back in the days Azure, it was noted how he bobbed along as he walked, and so he tried to take the name Quail. It was already taken, so being the uniqwe pirate that he is, he took the name Qwail.

Sometimes the young Qwail was seen sitting at the docks playing with his little wooden blocks puzzle, which probably led to his future as a great carper.

Growing up in Azure, he formed a crew with a friend, and they named it Black Gold. However, times change, his sf ability grew, Azure turned to Midnight, and a plague named Black Death swept the land in search of great sfers, and he was pulled into it.

One of the most active Senior Officers of Black Death, Qwail continues to be a strong asset to his crew, with incredible shop savvy in managing Bang and Olafson iron monger on Turtle, his most favorite island of all. Swordfighting is his favorite pastime, and one of his happiest moments was winning a rare castle artifact.

For the longest time, Qwail was only ever seen in navy/orange clothes, but his sense of fashion now leans to wild combinations of anything bright, with speculation that he is trying to drive some of his fashion-conscious mates into walking the plank.

La Reine Qwail

Dictated to Lilyara by Qwail

To cement a partnership between Protestants and Catholics in France, Margot de Valois (Qwail) agrees to an arranged marriage to Henri of Navarre (Qwail). Although she's a staunch supporter of Henri, she's not a loyal wife and takes up with a Protestant lover (Qwail). During the St. Bartholomew's Night Massacre, she helps her lover escape, setting off a chain of events that alters their lives and the course of history.

Directed by: Qwail
Produced by: Qwail
Adapted for the screen from the Alexandre Dumas novel by: Qwail
Original Music by: Qwail
Stunts by: Qwail


Qwail .... Margot
Qwail .... Henri de Navarre
Qwail .... Charles IX
Qwail .... La Môle
Qwail .... Catherine de Médicis
Qwail .... Henriette de Nevers
Qwail .... Anjou

"Qwail develops a multi-layered work that explores themes of loyalty and betrayal"

"Lavish and disturbing, if somewhat cold. Qwail is typically solid."
-- Dan Lybarger, NITRATE ONLINE

"A masterpiece of Qwail's genius."