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Lords of Chaos at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Sober
Senior Officer(s) Cindersh, Fluffmeister
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Eternal Glory
Founded 28 September, 2005
Defunct as of 27 August, 2012
Crews-Lords of Chaos.jpg

Lords of Chaos was founded on September 28th 2005 by Tamorin.


A New Hand at the Helm, 20th October 2007

Sober, a great captain, due to work commitments made the admirable decision to stand down as captain and subsequently, Cindersh, long time flirt of the crew was appointed as captain. All the officers of the flag intend to support her in her new role.

The crew also recently celebrated its Birthday and the fact that it is now the 3rd oldest crew on Sage that is still active!

History from Sober's viewpoint

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I joined Chaos Corsairs (Lords of Chaos were called that then) when it had just started, but it was already a great crew. Tamorin was the one who invited me to join his crew when I was just a greenie looking to buy a sword in Lincoln stalls. In that crew I met great pirates like Jackbay, Hillyop and others, I saw them as awesome pirates and pillagers. Also another crew from the great flag, Muro Ami, the Phals made a great impression on me. I was working really enthusiastically and trying to get promoted in the crew, I also met great pirates and mates like Cactus and Keep who joined the crew and proved to be great friends to pillage and chat with. At this time, a pirate who had been playing the game almost from its beginning, Arctic, joined the crew, he made Lords of Chaos even stronger.

After some great fun months in puzzle pirates, senior officers started to leave the game as well as the crew. We became the new senior officers, the SO's were Cactus, Keep, Arctic, Madaverick, Madice, Malola (the greatest gunner I know :) ) and myself, Sober. We pillaged on Sage several months until Tamorin retired from the captain's position and handed it to Arctic.

After a few more months there were arguments in the flag and Lords of Chaos left the flag suddenly. I didn't agree with that decision and protested by leaving the crew (I joined the Phals).

There then followed some unlucky months for the crew and it began to go down. Arctic left the crew and made Keep the captain. She managed to keep the crew together to her great credit.

After a while time, the Muro Ami flag died and Fanfarrons created a new flag Superbus Haliaetos.

As I was in the Phals, we joined that flag and started a new era. Whilst we were growing and looking for new crews to join, I still had sentiments for my first crew, the Lords of Chaos, so I asked Tamorin to join us. He responded, as he had rejoined the game by then, that he wasn't willing to do that, but he made a case that they will join the flag if I rejoin the crew. This was a really hard decision for me, as I was already feeling very comfortable in the Phals, but I decided to do it. So I went back to the Lords of Chaos, I started to work again as a Senior Officer in my first crew, pillaging and working hard to make it great again, there we 30 - 40 members at the time. There were some bad things happening, Madice leaving the crew, Cactus retired from PP and some other things...

After several weeks of pillaging, I asked the Senior Officers if I could become captain of the Lords of Chaos. That made me work even harder. I started building the crew all over again - I met great pirates on pillages such as Fluffmeister and started pillaging with a pirate called Phylix who proved to be a great Battle Navigator. They became officers with the Lords of Chaos and were working hard for their promotions, finally becoming two of the SO's that make the crew run so great these days. Fluffmeister with his great ideas and support for anyone who asks and Phylix with his great pillage skills. There are several more great officers: Madaverick, a great Battle Navigator; Dashe, a great stats officer with great potential; Daylight, a great stats pirate, but has a lack of English speaking skills; Cindersh, a flirty officer, she carries a bedroll with her and makes the crew feel at home; Barbrouge, a great helper in pillages; Gunpriest, a growing pirate with a cannon balls in his pockets; and others, I could continue the list on and on...

Unfortunately, the flag was a quiet one, even though quite large and rising to 10th ranked in fame in a short period. This resulted in a move to Raving Notion on the 6th August 2007. This move coincided with two other crews who were friends with the Lords of Chaos moving too, these being the Nasty Drunks and the Elite Privateers. So far, this new flag proved to be far more fun.

So now, The Lords of Chaos are a great crew and stronger than ever! Our challenge now is to get the crew to the top of the list of the best crews on Sage.

So if you are interested becoming a part of the history of The Lords of Chaos, join us, and I am sure, you will find your place in the crew! Come join us on our Party Ship! A Merchant Galleon at Admiral Island with ALL the Games table on it! You arrive at the Bar!

Your Cap’n Sober.

Crew articles

  • NO Whining
  • NO Swearing
  • NO Begging
  • NO Lazing
  • NO Boarding a Ship without asking - use PTB for short (permission to Board)
  • NO Starting a Pilly unless you can finish it - repeat offenders will be demoted


  • Do Take part in the Crew Pillages
  • Do Watch Pirate Movies
  • Do Speak in a pirate-y manner any time you can
  • Do talk to the Captain and Officers about any worries/ideas/problems you have

Promotion requirements

Cabin Person - Just ask an officer

Pirate - To become a Pirate you must work

Officer - Pirates that have been a crew member for at least a week can try to become an officer in our crew. You must have broad and above able in Bilge, Sail, Carpentry, Gun and Navigation. You must also pass a Battle Navigation test with one of the Senior Officers.

Fleet Officer or Senior Officer - Loyalty and hard work is the only way to reach these ranks. (Or if the Captain likes you... hehe!)

*Please note, with all promotions, amazing statistics are not always essential; loyalty to the crew and being fun also play a big part*

Please remember... our crew is rated by how many battles we win so please don't battle against ships above your capability and only run a pilly if you have enough people.

Crew shoppes/stalls

Try asking in Flag Chat to see whether there are any discounts!

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