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Make Love To Me
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Flag Title

Icon titled.png Lord

Klostro's Trinkets
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Defeated by Klostro
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Zombie Hand
Defeated by Klostro
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Cursed Idol
Barnabas the Pale
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Silk Handkerchief
Widow Queen
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Klostro is a pirate on the Meridian Ocean. He was created on the Viridian Ocean on December 19, 2006.

Contributions and awards

Crew history

Flag leadership

  • 3-24-07 to 4-26-07 - Prince of the flag Legions of the Sea
  • 4-28-07 to 6-10-07 - Prince of the flag Fading Myths
  • 6-11-07 to 12-4-07 - King of the flag Fading Myths
  • 12-6-07 to 3-10-08 - King of the flag Seastrike Legacy
  • 3-10-08 to 10-3-08 - Prince of the flag Seastrike Legacy
  • ??-??-?? to Present - Lord of the flag Brink of Dawn


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Renamed ships

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  • Sloop dock.png Ice Sicklefish (white/white)
  • Sloop dock.png Insane Crazy (plain)
  • Sloop dock.png French Kisser (plain)
  • Sloop dock.png Rock Bandfish (plain)
  • Dhow dock.png Divine Angel (white/gold)
  • Dhow dock.png Fiery Devil (maroon/black)
  • Baghlah dock.png Tasty Moonshine (plain)
  • Baghlah dock.png Mouth-Watering Moonshine (plain)
  • War brig dock.png Angry Man-Eater (plain)
  • War brig dock.png Smoked Pipefish (green/green)