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Island design is the process by which new islands are created for new oceans. Azure Ocean and Midnight Ocean were designed solely by members of Three Rings. All subsequent oceans have been developed by the player-based island design team, under the guidance of Nemo and Artemis.

Island designers

The island design team is composed of players who were selected from various contests held in the forums after the scene editor was made public. Individual designers are selected based on the strength of islands they created for either a specific contest or for the ongoing Beat the Champs contest. So far, there have been three main island design contests;


The process of island design varies from designer to designer, but for a basic set of guidelines and tips please see the Island Design Guide. Island design takes time, patience, and lots of practise; downloading the scene editor and experimenting with the software is the best way to begin to acquire the skills of an island designer.

Ocean Design

Unique Opportunity

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