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Indeed used to play on the Midnight Ocean (back when it was the only game in town) and has been pirating since Azure. She currently plays on Sage, where she whines about doubloons because she's too cheap to pay with real money anymore. She was a Shanty Jockey for Shanty Raid-io on the Midnight ocean. Her show Indeed's Den of Iniquity could be heard Mondays and Thursdays from 4pm-6pm Pirate Time. A quiet, yet entertaining, voice to the forums, she is currently roleplaying a singing superstar.

Perhaps her highest coded achievement thusfar was getting to the finals of the March Madness standalone drinking tournament of 2005, being knocked out in the last round by Kilyko. She also took 7th place in an impromptu carpentry bake-off on Sage, in April 2008, winning a mint spiky coral.

She won the Aesop's Fable event, earning a portrait with an OM. She wheedled and whined that she'd prefer one with Cleaver (pirate) Himself, but, alas, was told that developers do not count.

Long ago, Indeed once lost herself in swordfight to Aur. Many rematches and many swordfights later, she still hasn't won her freedom.

One of her favorite achievements was becoming the official nemesis of another well-known pirate, Pierut, via the following pm: Nemesis.gif

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