Howto:Upload a file

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The screenshots and instructions detail how to upload a filename that does not already exist on YPPedia.

Click on the "Upload file" link on the sidebar menu.
Click on browse to select your file for upload.
Select the file from the list.
The wiki will automatically fill in the filename. If you wish to use a different name, just change it in the "Destination filename" field.
Be sure to include an image tag in the upload summary. This tag gives the proper artist attribution, game credit, and categories where appropriate. See Howto:Use image tags for more information.
This is what your uploaded image page will look like when you are done.

Which images are appropriate for the YPPedia?

We're more than happy to host images that broadly fit into the following categories, provided they're tagged correctly:

  • Fan art
  • Avatars
  • Portraits and portrait backgrounds (for the background contest)
  • Y!PP meetup photos
  • Diagrams and illustrations related to Y!PP or the YPPedia
  • Entries for forum contests
  • In-game screenshots

We do, however, have some things you specifically should not upload. These include:

  • Screenshots of ships. (Most ships look more or less the same, and we already have example diagrams. These images tend to be huge and just aren't all that useful to have.)
  • "Funny pictures" to be posted to the forum (Tom Green drinking from a cow's udder belongs in your photobucket.)
  • Anything that would constitute a copyright violation (We'd rather not be sued!)

Why is tagging important?

When administrators check through recently-uploaded files, if they can't find a purpose for an image, they might just delete it. Tagging your image for a specific purpose, or even just saying a few words like "I'll be using this diagram in a forum post" or "Banner art for an upcoming event" will make deletion much less likely. (It also makes organization and sorting much easier on our end!)

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