Diablo Island (Ice)

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Diablo Island
Favicon.png Diablo Island on the Ice Ocean
Medium island in the Vilya Archipelago
Diablo Island (Ice).png

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Controlled by   Jinx  
Governed by   Gretchen Goldfang
Navy color   Unknown
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Diablo Island is a medium island located in the Vilya Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Cringe Island, Cold Spring Island and Winking Wall Island.

Natural resources

This island spawns broom flower, hemp, and iron.


Although there are a number of structures on Diablo, all except for four of these buildings are façades.

Commodities market 
Peak Provisions
Abode a la Mode (left-facing villa)
Left (left-facing gallery)
Right (right-facing gallery)


Diablo Island is currently ruled by Jinx.


A ruined building at the west end of the island bears the inscription, "This island were fashioned by Yngvild."

This island is named for a mountain in the San Francisco Bay Area with a particularly good view and the occasional wintertime snow on top.