Demons and Damsels

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Demons and Damsels at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Arcturis of The Rum Running Dragons
Member crew(s) The Rum Running Dragons
Founded 1 December, 2006
Dormant as of 18 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Demons and Damsels is currently a dormant flag on the Meridian Ocean.

Public statement

We wish to be left to our own accords.

Extended public statement

We wish to be left to our own accords. In 2008 we were heavily involved in ocean politics, and while it made a name for this flag -- whether good or bad will depend on who you talk to -- it placed the members of this flag under what was deemed to be unnecessary and unwelcome risk. As such, this flag has completely withdrawn from the political landscape of this ocean.

We will not form alliances or join any alliance organization, and any alliances that were formed have since been dropped. We will not provide any direct assistance in blockades.

We instead wish to be left alone, left to our accords, and we will, in turn, leave you to yours.

Shoppes/stalls owned by flag members

Aapatti's Tailoring Stall on Lima. Pays 5/10/15. Aapatti has a dub exchange and tourny board for the customers. Come have a good time, try stuff on, and get paid to do it. Also ask for flag discounts.


The flag was originally founded as "demons and damsels" in the year 2006 on December 1. The name was properly capitalized on April 27, 2008 to its current name.

Kruegenater was the original monarch of this flag. However as time went on, he became less active with the flag, something that is not a good quality for a monarch. During that time, Frogpirate, Kruegenater's wife who was not a royal at the time, seemed to have the lead role in the flag without the title, handling flag business.

Because of the king's lack of activity in flag business, Frogpirate decided that there needed to be someone else with the crown, the only question being who should have it. Several prospects arose but nothing could be settled. This original discussion involved three of the six royal members, but this was purely by circumstance and not by design. The three royals involved were Arcturis, captain of the Rum Running Dragons; Pollybirdll, senior officer of Neptune's Wrath; and Misswan, senior officer of the Rum Running Dragons.

It should be noted that Kruegenater was in full knowledge and support of Frogpirate's plans.

The next day word spread to two of the remaining three royals - Cellulite, captain of Neptune's Wrath, and Gelinas, former captain of Dark Demons. Cellulite responded by declaring Frogpirate a traitor to the flag and asking her to voluntarily leave the crew. After an argument regarding the overall issue of the king's inactivity in the flag, Frogpirate voluntarily left the crew. Following this, Cellulite raised a motion to expel the Rum Running Dragons from the flag, declaring her captain and officers traitors. The motion was denied in a swift vote.

Cellulite withdrew his crew from the flag following a discussion with Kruegenater. They have since joined the flag Shadow Company. Gelinas also resigned command of Dark Demons over to Kruegenater, who was previously a senior officer, and left the crew to form her own called Gel's Angels.

With the flag left in partial disarray, Kruegenater decided instead to hand his crown over to Arcturis. Arcturis was seen to be one of the more active members of the flag, along with captain of a crew, which seemed to make him the perfect candidate. After some reluctance, but with the support of the remaining royals and his own officers, he accepted the nomination and was voted King of the flag on Valentine's Day, 2008.

After the vote, Kruegenater nominated Jackyx, one of his officers, for royal status, which was confirmed. Arcturis' first action as King was to nominate Leasey, his first officer and also a lady of the flag, to royal as well, which was also confirmed. Leasey's first action as royal was to nominate Aapatti, a fleet officer in the Rum Running Dragons, to titled status, also confirmed by a prompt vote.