Death Request

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Death Request at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Holograph
Senior Officer(s) Seanyd, Zuzaluv
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation (none)
Founded 22 September, 2008
Last updated on 9 June, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Death Request.jpg

Death Request is a crew on the Meridian Ocean originally from Viridian.

Public Statement

Icefireman, I'd rather have a so called "jew fro" than look like a little child that resembles a weasel with a bowl haircut.

Highest rank ever achieved - #4 24/11/09

Extended Public Statement

Ranks currently open from Pirate to Fleet Officer. Ask any Officer to join. Note: You will not be promoted to FO straight away unless I know you well.

Currently looking for a crew officer trainer, apply within /tell Holograph for more information. Also looking for crew mentors.

Please note we do not wish to join your flag, Thank you.

Welcome to Death Request.

What we offer in Death Request: This is a pillage based crew, we like to pillage often and have as much fun as possible. We also run Flotillas with a SMH on occasion. If you enjoy pillaging, earning poe and having fun, then this is the crew for you! We also offer training and skills to run pillages.

We accept everyone and anyone in this crew and I will make sure everyone is treated fairly. Green or Yellow, Pink or blue, you are welcome here.

Promotion Requirements

  • Officer: No real requirements, I will promote you when you are ready.
    Things to aim for: Fairly decent stats, At least knowledge in bnav ( Distinguished + ) and other stats also.
  • Fleet Officer: This rank is for pirates that like to pillage, it will be given to you when I think you are ready to start proper pillages.
    Things to aim for: At least Master in bnav and all stats in piracy must be at least Distinguished or above.
  • Senior Officer: Senior Officers will act as a leadership type roll. In other words they will help the captain recruit, Run pillages and greet players as they log in etc. For someone to be promoted to this rank you will have to show improvements in all piracy stats and show you are ready to be promoted.
    The process to get promoted to Senior Officer: When you think you are ready to be promoted to Senior Officer you can speak to either Me or any of the current Senior Officers. If we agree you are ready to be promoted we will have a meeting with the current Senior Officers and we will decide if you will be promoted or not. Once promoted, you will be given guidelines on how to act as a Senior Officer, and a representative of our crew.
  • Captain: To be captain in this crew ye have to beat the current captain in a Swim suit competition. And with these finely waxed legs of mine, I doubt there will be much chance of that!