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Information commands

The /cwho command allows pirates to quickly find information about a crew and its members currently online. If at least two letters are provided, the game will search all crews and return a new box in the Ahoy! panel with links to all of the matches' info pages.

If only one crew is found using the parameters that were provided, a crew's info page and all its currently online members are linked from the Ahoy! panel.

It is easier to find a particular crew if the full and exact name is provided. For instance, typing /cwho of may return Pirates of the Damned, but may also return The Officer's Club and perhaps even Pirates o' Furry.

The command can interpret the input as an acronym if there are no crews with those letters consecutively, such as dps returning Dead Pirates Society.

The command is case-insensitive: running /cwho A Crew will return the same information as /cwho A crew.

/cwho <crew name>