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Chillibean is a special event character grown by Fava to help protect and manage Lima Island on Cerulean (originally Cobalt).


After Fava won the Who wants to be Governor of Lima contest held by Avernus, she asked Chilibean to lend her a hand with her event plans for the summer of 2006. The beans took on the role of the Demon's adversaries, fighting the good fight for the betterment of pirates and legumes. As special event characters she and the other beans helpers had white names. Through the entire three months of the event governorship, no one discovered the identity of any bean's alter-ego.

Originally a member of Hades' crew Death's Gate, Chilibean followed Fava when she formed the Pod People of the flag Stalkers and was promoted to a senior officer.

Chilibean was played by Peanutswench, the frequent event planning partner of Fava's alter-ego Polly. She was her right-hand bean for the entire event governorship and beyond. She assisted in both the planning and execution of all 12 events, acting as proof-reader, judge, navigator, sailor, scorekeeper, and whatever else was needed at the time. In her spare time she enjoyed confounding Cobalt rumblers by climbing into the top 10 of the Ultimate list during her time as an event character or giving surprises out to those beating her in random dock challenges.

Chilibean's alter-ego also took on the pirate role of Guardian, the admiral for Hades in the Merchant Blockade of Sakejima Island. It was a sinking blockade at Sakejima Island, using only cutters, merchant brigs, and merchant galleons.

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