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Blackhat is the pirate alias of Ian McConville, a member of the Three Rings Art Department. He joined officially in May 2006, and now works alongside Nemo, Lindworm, Bluebeard, and Greenbones, the other members of the Art Department.

Artistic contributions

  • Blackhat drew much of the artwork for the large clothing release of June 2006, including the gypsy outfit set, belt and bracers, and the underwater diving helmet.
  • He also drew the artwork for the rats released introduced with the Pets release of August 2006.

Notable quotes

  • "But yeah, I really don't understand the extent of the dev commands so I'm afraid to log on and then accidently make an island vanish. I have a feeling that would be a hard thing to explain..."
  • "Death, Chaos, and High Velocity Sub Orbital Weasels shall now reign."
  • "Chinchilla! Chinchilla! Nemo, our cover is blown! Head to the safe house for relocation!"

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