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Blackdarknes is a pirate known for never giving up and for always trying his hardest. He hails from the ocean called Sage (now called Emerald).

Blackdarknes is also known for being a a great friend to crew members and flag members.


Blackdarknes's story begins with the pirate called Nolan; little knowledge is known about that pirate.

Blackdarknes began Puzzle Pirates in March 2010. Over the week he set sail in the Sage Ocean, he increased his puzzling skills and reached the rank of officer in the crew Los Soldados.

He was a senior officer in the crew Rough Hands and a member in the Black Flag, he then moved crews and and was made an officer although he was a member still of the flag called Black Flag.

He was captain of his own crew Sharp Daggers untill he passed the captain band to Alyys and a royal of The Damsel's Templars.

Crews managed

Was captain of After Shock which was then disbanded in early 2010.

Black has been captain of the crew Ocean Chaos. It was later merged with Priatecat's crew Rectitude.

Was captain of the crew Sharp Daggers which was formerly know as Sharp Knifes, he recently passed the captaincy to Alyys.

Stalls and shoppes

Shipbuilding Stall on Isle of Kent

Manages Alyys's iron monger stall of Isle of Kent