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Bartonandrh (also known as Barton and Bart) is currently SO and Ambassador of the crew The Titans and Member of the flag Olympian Armada.



The dark pirates of sage

Bartonandrh started off as a greenie as everyone does. He soon and meet a pirate called Tomsque. Tomsque made Bartonandrh a pirate of his crew, The dark pirates of sage. Soon Bartonandrh bought his first ship, which was a sloop, and was made a senior officer of the crew. After this, sadly Tomsques' first mate, Clemy, left the game. Then Tomsque and Bartonandrh became close friends, and soon after this, they got a portrait together.

Later Bartonandrh was introduced to a lovely pirate named Dewlanna and her sister Leaisolo. Dewlanna and Bartonandrh became close friends and a couple, but sadly without notice Dewlanna left the game, and Bartonandrh only had his friend Tomsque to talk with. Soon after, Bartonandrh jobbed Darkdavy and Wavebreakere into the crew and they became SOs, and Bartonandrh's friends. Sadly Darkdavy gave his account to his brother and left the crew.

Tomsque and Bartonandrh had decided to make their own flag and make Bartonandrh king of their flag. This flag was called The Dark Knights Of Sage, and developed very well. After a few months, Tomsque and Bartonandrh did a WB pillage, little did Bartonandrh know doing this pilly would change his pirate life. On this pilly Tomsque introduced Bartonandrh to a pirate called Emanuella. Bartonandrh and Tomsque did a lot more pillys and invited Emanuella (Ema) along to join them on their pillys. Soon Emanuella and Bartonandrh became close friends, but sadly once again Bartonandrh had been informed that his closest friend Tomsque had become banned from the game. As soon as this happened Bartonandrh called a SO meeting and asked the SOs who they thought should be captain. It was then put to a vote that Bartonandrh should be captain, and once Tomsque went dormant he did.

After this Bartonandrh faced difficulties running the crew because people became stressed with one another, but luckily for Bartonandrh he met Bartingtom, who became a friend and first mate of the crew. Then Bartingtom left, leaving it all up to Bartonandrh again. After a couple more weeks Bartonandrh decided to leave the crew The dark pirates of sage and make his alt captain. Bartonandrh made this decision because his alt had been in Emanuella's crew and she asked him if he would join instead of his alt.

The Elite Privateers

Once Bartonandrh had joined the crew The elite privateers he was made FO and after two weeks, he was made an SO of the crew. As always, Bartonandrh's new crew had difficulties, but Bartonandrh was having none of this, so he put a end to these fights between his fellow crewbies quickly. Bartonandrh was having a great time in this crew now, being close friends with the captain, Emanuella. He had been made very happy and also one of the head SOs in the crew. Sadly Bartonandrh's friend Emanuella left the crew and joined her boyfriend's crew to help him. Bartonandrh was very sad at this, and also saw most of his new friends in his new crew follow Emanuella.

Bartonandrh didn't leave his crew because he had promised that he would stay, and posted an issue saying that Shadowboy should be made captain. Then Bartonandrh spent three days away and to his delight when we returned he was warmly welcomed back by his friend Emanuella who explained to him her leaving was a big mistake and she'd never do it again. While in the Elite privateers Bartonandrh had made friends such as Finazzie, Raceboy, Godofthesea, Beachwave and Shadowboy. After this Emanuella and Bartonandrh found that Shadowboy had stolen money from the crew and sold all the crew ships that he owned. Shadowboy claimed this was hack but Bartonandrh and Emanuella didn't know whether or not it really was. Then Shadowboy left the game. Then sadly Emanuella went dormant for a couple of months but became closer to Beachwave.

A New Beginning

Bartonandrh continued to be captain of The Elite Privateers. He then joined the flag No Parking for a while taking part in a few blockades untill the flag became dormant. Bartonandrh then decided that his crew couldnt live in a dormant flag so he joined Spontaneous Combustion.

After this Bartonandrh merged The elite privateers into The Titans.