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Barbro is a Senior Officer of the crew The Fearless Rebels on Sage Ocean and Queen of the flag Spanking Alley.. She is deeply committed to the mates in her flag and crew and will fight to the death with anyone who offends or tries to spank one of her own. Be afraid, be very afraid.... Hobbies include monster hunting, trading in ships, clothing and all sorts and whealing and dealing in her stalls. She is a great help to new pirates and loves educating people in the fine art of distilling.


Found wandering aimelessly around the inn on Admiral, she was taken under the wing of Ljl, who gave her a job as a pirate and a goal, raising PoE for the flag, then Good Grief. She took to this job like a duck to water and made many deals (not allways fairly) on ships, furniture, clothes and all sorts. A master carpenter byy trade, her experience served her well in her furniture stall on Admiral. She soon was promoted as reward for bringing in millions to senior officer. She worked hard enough for it. Certain members of the crew have become good companions, friends even. Crazylife, Frame, Benke, Leonelle and Delsmurf are considered to be best mates. She also has many friends in and outside of the flag.


She claims to be total and utter crap at navving, but we all know she just never took the time to learn. She has been to focussed on making a profit, but the crew and flag don't hold it against her as long as she brings home the bacon. Gunning is also not a forte, so Barbro decided to leave well enough alone. Who likes a bad gunner? Fortunately, she is a good carpenter and sailor, bilging is also done, allthough not too well, since Barbro finds bilging totally boring. Her strongest point may be her battle skills, especially if she is last one left in a good swordfight. Hide when she gets mad, she will take on 30 zombies all by herself. Rumble is her favourite however and is often played against bots and dummies to hone her skills.


At this moment in time, Barbro has a furniture stall, a distilling stall, a weaving stall, an apothecary stall and a tailoring stall. How she came by the PoE to buy all those? Simple. She worked for it.


Favouring a team-up with Crazylife and Dummyke, she loves monsterhunting to the extreme. Usually Barbro takes on the role of XO and loves shouting at people, planking lazy boned pirates and having quizzes for the pirates. The music trivia being a favourite. She is famous for planking one single pirate three times in a row after he interrupted her trivia music quiz.

The future

While running stalls, selling stuff and might be a nice pasttime, it does not reflect on Barbro's long term plans for the flag. flag Spanking Alley is going to be one of of the most reputed flags on Sage Ocean. For now, she is content in collecting PoE and ships for the flag preparing for kading. Which island she will pick to kade is unknown. Well, it is to us....

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