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Ares is a pirate on the Opal, Hunter, Ice, Midnight, Sage, Viridian and Cobalt Oceans.


On Opal:

On Hunter:

  • Independent Pirate.
  • Stowaway in the Quetzal Island Navy in the Orion Archipelago.

On Ice:

On Midnight:

On Sage:

  • Independent Pirate.
  • Stowaway in the Greenwich Island Navy in the Pelican Archipelago.

On Viridian:

On Cobalt:

  • Independent Pirate.
  • Stowaway in the Dragon's Nest Navy in the Jade Archipelago.


Very little is known about the history of the pirate Ares, who plays on the Cobalt, Viridian, Sage, Midnight, Ice, Hunter and Opal Oceans. All that is known is that Ares holds a variety of ranks across these oceans, ranging from an independent pirate on the Opal, Cobalt, Sage and Hunter Oceans, to a captain on the Ice Ocean.

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