Alt abuse

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Nobooty and Piplicus are two well-known alts of the same character.
As such, they are not allowed to play rated games against each other.

Alt abuse is the act of using an alternate character (or 'alt') to manipulate game play in one's favor. This is considered against the spirit of the game, and in some cases is a bannable offense.

Since it is impossible for two characters from the same account to log on to the same ocean, alt abuse occurs between two accounts controlled simultaneously.

Examples of alt abuse

  • A player who uses an alt with a lower puzzle standing than their main account to win PoE from lower-ranked people.
  • A player who uses an alt to manipulate their own puzzle standing.
  • Placing an alt in a rival's crew or flag to spy on or grief their play, such as by reporting moves in a blockade to a ship's opponents.
  • Using an alt to evade a mute, blackspot, or ban.
  • Creating a greenie alt to find greeters or to harass the greeters.
  • Using "alt flags" to stage blockades. (This problem has been largely eliminated with the introduction of flag fame ratings.)
  • Using alts with low puzzle standing to evade the Black Ship.
  • Using a greenie alt to keep swabbies aboard a ship while pillaging.