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This is an archived talk page. For current discussion, see User talk:Yaten.

Editing the sig?

Yaten, how did you edit yoru sig? I can't find anywhere to do that! Am I missing it? ---Ming 22 July 2005 01:32 (PDT)

It's something that has to be done by hand, but the instructions are fairly simple; check out Callistan's note at User_talk:Callistan
Hope that helps! —  Yaten talk 22 July 2005 01:26 (PDT)
Hopefully not against the spirit of wiki talk pages, but I edited your link above to point at my YPPedia talk page, which I've copied the information from. I no longer frequent the wikicities site, and wouldn't know if someone vandalized it. — Callistan (talk/contrib) 16:52, 1 August 2005 (PDT)

Anon edit

I was wondering how I could make edits without having to login.

Would have gone for a more historical approach, but we're a bit short on history so far... --Dictator 22 July 2005 09:03 (PDT)

No problem; it's great to have more editors. =) – Yaten talk 22 July 2005 09:18 (PDT)

Image uploading

I noticed you tried to make a few uploads - image uploads are still booched. --Lizthegrey 29 July 2005 02:50 (PDT)

User page layout

Nice stuff here! Something nagging at me: only one header bar of items on the left has the 'shadow' effect on its right. I notice the width percentage of the title bars differs (some 102, one (correct) 101.5, which looks like an arbitrary attempt to get the borders to overlap. Why not draw just the bottom border? That way, resizing won't require scuppering with the heading width percentages (101.2?... 103?...)

:: Statistics
02:46 UTC, 4 February 2023
Currently 29,957 articles

Cool design though, very sharp!

Hehe, thanks. I didn't actually look at much of the coding; it was mostly copy-paste work from Wikipedia:User:Blankfaze, where I first spotted the design. – Yaten talk 08:09, 6 August 2005 (PDT)

Whoa that's some map!

Nice job :) That is HUGE. --Guppymomma 09:48, 6 August 2005 (PDT)

Hee. Route difficulties, anyone? – Yaten talk 09:50, 6 August 2005 (PDT)
Is there a way to have the Cobalt and Viridian maps point directly to the correct page?--Fiddler 10:11, 6 August 2005 (PDT)
Two maps, one each for Cobalt and Viridian, would work.
Great work adapting the Chart_island map for ocean argument! — Callistan (talk/contrib) 04:45, 18 August 2005 (PDT)

Spear head

It wasn't any bug. Just me booching. And I got it right at the end.

Category sorting

Category sorting is good, but you need to use a more complete key. For example, you gave The Sojourner the following: [[Category:Crew:Cobalt|S]], but it should be [[Category:Crew:Cobalt|Sojourner]]. --Barrister 01:03, 7 August 2005 (PDT)

Hehe. Shows you my logic at three in the morning. Thanks for all the fix-ups, they look great! – Yaten talk 12:55, 7 August 2005 (PDT)


I'm reshooting the entire villa. Tell me if you don't like it so I can stop uploading. -Paladin

More island stuff

Hey Yaten, are you planning on posting the exact locations in a picture form on each island or not? I think we had talked about this for doing it on your personal site but I don't remember at all. - Rappak

It's certainly an intriguing idea. Let's migrate this discussion to Category talk:Island – Yaten talk 15:09, 8 August 2005 (PDT)


I've just come by to giggle at the names in the images. *giggle* --Guppymomma 11:35, 11 August 2005 (PDT)

Hee. There are too many images of me on the wiki, and they needed to be updated anyway ;) – Yaten talk 11:38, 11 August 2005 (PDT)

Commenting type tags

Just FYI, don't use commenting tags. Especially not in templates as they still add a <br> even if the text doesn't show up. Trying to figure out where to note this in the wiki help type stuff....although we don't have our own help files for such things yet so maybe it would just go there. --Guppymomma 20:09, 12 August 2005 (PDT)

Ah, that's...odd. Noted, though. =) – Yaten talk 20:18, 12 August 2005 (PDT)

Island Templates

Hate to be stupid.. How DO I access the templates?

Have just been editting an existing island and changing that text :)

Templates can be accessed from the Style guide. To use a template, you fill in the parameters specified in the template (check out the coding at the top of Fluke Island). You can change the parameters by changing the information between the equals sign and the pipe (|) sign. – Yaten talk 20:18, 19 August 2005 (PDT)

bump edits

I don't think you need to bump the edits for the archipelago pages. Just force your browser to do a reload. The only time it really matters is if you want to make sure the templates get "What links here" fixed. --Barrister 11:29, 21 August 2005 (PDT)

Ah, I'll have to try that next time. Thanks for the heads-up! – Yaten talk 11:41, 21 August 2005 (PDT)

Mediawiki Config Pages

They're simply evil. Some of them take wiki stuff, some of them take things and translate it weirdly, some of them take only some wikimarkup, some of them just tell you to go to hell :) It's such a pain. I tried to do the same thing with the upload text too. Ha! They're all a pain in the ass. --Guppymomma 09:09, 22 August 2005 (PDT)

Edit chart

What a great little link! --Barrister 10:28, 23 August 2005 (PDT)

Aye, I thought it was useful since it's a template inside another template. =) – Yaten talk 10:29, 23 August 2005 (PDT)

The weird slash image pages!

How did you do that? Oh my gosh! I'm so excited. It's been annoying for so long. Can you also do Kraken/'s blood or something like that? It's the last one I think since there were three. --Guppymomma 09:05, 3 September 2005 (PDT)

Hehe. Try going to, you can delete from there. – Yaten talk 09:07, 3 September 2005 (PDT)
Yaaaay! :) Thanks! --Guppymomma 09:10, 3 September 2005 (PDT)

New house template

We're getting inconsistent uses of caps in the new left/right-facing house template. I think we should standardize on lowercase.... --Barrister 15:17, 13 September 2005 (PDT)

Ah, hadn't even noticed that. Lowercase is fine with me. =) – Yaten talk 15:30, 13 September 2005 (PDT)
Heh, all of the Midnight ones are uppercase. I did it in case we wanted to later do some sort of categorizing like Housing:Shack:Left. --Guppymomma 15:34, 13 September 2005 (PDT)
Hmm. I'm more inclined to go with lowercase since that is what we've consistently been using for "(bazaar)". But I'm fine with either. – Yaten talk15:45, 13 September 2005 (PDT)
Well, while we use bazaar, the housing types have been Shack, Townhouse etc. right? Anyhow, this is why I haven't made the building listing template yet with the left/right :) I figured we should standardize a bit more. --Guppymomma 15:50, 13 September 2005 (PDT)
The only reason I made the housing capitalized is because of those danged Row Houses. Grn. Otherwise, I would have made everything lowercase. --Barrister 21:00, 13 September 2005 (PDT)
Then I'm going to suggest going with uppercase for the facing info to match the housing case. When the other buildings are switched to use a template, we can do uppercase for the type etc. info. --Guppymomma 21:04, 13 September 2005 (PDT)