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Nightshifter is a pirate who sailed the Viridian Ocean and was present on the other oceans. He was a senior officer of the crew Nice Like Rice and a lord of the flag Final Retribution. He was working hard and was trying to be the best (rank builder) in the Viridian Ocean. His favorite familiars that he hoped to get one day was an octopus, parrot, and/or monkey. His hopes and dreams were to find people who he can help him in troubles for pillages. He was a nice senior officer although sometimes people say he is too quiet.


Nightshifter played Puzzle Pirates many times before. He played with his older brother and his pirate Enifilum. His brother and him had even played before the swordfighting table had room for more than one game. They had even played Puzzle Pirates before Treasure Haul, poker, Rumble, and Treasure Drop were made. They both had many accounts before, but for some weird reason, they always gave up. Nightshifter never made it to the (great life or what people would say successful life but this is what he calls it), and still has yet many things to renew and recover.


Nightshifter has previously lived in a shack and bungalow but then moved into in a row house with Flameeyes, Enifilum and Beckendorff. He then moved into a cottage with Enifilum and friend.

Poker Stories

He won the world poker tour 2 on the Viridian Ocean on June 30th, 2007 and soon might of been the victor of all oceans. He also got to ultimate in poker and got an ultimate poker trophy. Since he won the world poker 2, he goes on to the finals called the world poker tournament-champions of champions. That's when the champion from all the oceans (except opal and ice) gather to midnight ocean and play off. That started on August 26th, 2007. He got third place and got nothing while the other two battled for the tan monkey.


He first retired for a year after the great war of a brigade. He got back on and retired for 6 months after seeing that there was a new order for sword fighting, there was poker,and that Enifilum became captain with the help of random new friends. Enifilum was now in the decision of making a crew with the help of friends. When he did not make the flag, the captain and Enifilum got caught up with war and brigades and more. Now Enifilum and Nightshifter went to retire once again.


  • Have familiar - no
  • Have a mansion - no
  • Be famous pirate - was
  • Have good trophies - had
  • Have good clothes and weapons -had
  • Be a captain - no
  • Have a flag - no
  • Have a lot of portraits - no
  • Have a lot of PoE - had
  • Have good friends - yes